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Queensland Art Gallery (Hg.): Story Place - Indigenous Art of Cape York and the Rainforest, Brisbane 2003, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 1876509678

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Table of Contents

Thancoupie: Preface -8-

Wayne Goss and Doug Hall: Introduction -10-

David Burnett: Art of the Cape. An introduction -18-

Barry Hunter: The land and Indigenous peoples -26-

Lindy Allen: Regular hunting grounds. A history of collecting Indigenous artefacts in north Queensland -30-

Djon Mundine: Aw - Story Place. The people of west Cape York -44-

Peter Sutton: Sacred images and political engagements. A brief history of Wik sculpture -54-

Peter Denham: 'Not to give away, not to die away'. An interview with Arthur Koo-ekka Pambegan Jr -62-

Craig Koomeeta -68-

Thancoupie -72-

Jack Bell -76-

Lisa Michl -77-

Garry Namponan -78-

Joe Ngallametta -79-

Jubilee Wolmby -80-

Ron Yunkaporta -81-

Aurukun -83-

Kowanyama -84-

Napranum -85-

Peter Denham: Speak for country -92-

Lynne Seear: Joe Rootsey. 'The second Namatjira' -104-

David Burnett: Kakan. An interview with Wilma Walker -112-

Samantha Hobson -116-

Rosella Namok -120-

Dorothy Short -124-

Patrick Butcher -128-

Tulo Gordon -129-

John Cummins -130-

Luke Cummins -131-

Silas Hobson -132-

Walter Jack -133-

Adrian King -134-

Roy McIvor -135-

Arone Raymond Meeks -136-

Fiona Omeenyo -138-

Terry Platt -139-

Hopevale -140-

Laura -141-

Lockart River -142-

Mossman Gorge -143-

Trish Johnson: Shared stories and places -150-

Julie Ewington: Working in the river -158-

Trish Johnson: Jawun. An interview with Desley Henry -166-

Michael Boiyool Anning -170-

Vernon Ah Kee -174-

Paul Bong (Bindur-Bullin) -176-

Cornelius Richards -177-

Ruby Ludwick -178-

Philomena Yeatman -179-

Danie Mellor -180-

Munganbana (Norman Miller) -181-

Jumbun community, Murray Upper -182-

Ravenshoe -184-

Yarrabah -185-

Sally Butler: Cape York's time in motion -192-

Avril Quaill: Keeping and sharing. The Tropical North Queensland Insitute of TAFE -200-

Peter Denham and Trish Johnson: All things work together. An experience of working with the Cape communities -204-

Krystle Sutherland and Tony Albert: Stories from Indigenous interns -210-

Endnotes -214-

Selected bibliography -220-

List of works -224-

Contributors -233-

Acknowledgments -234-

Cape York map -237-

Sponsor acknowledgment -238-