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Isaacs, Jennifer: Australian Aboriginal Paintings, Lansdowne, Sydney 1989, ISBN 186302011X

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Table of Contents

Introduction -7-

Paintings of the Western Desert -9-

Bark Paintings of Arnhem Land -121-

Acknowledgements -190-

Index -191-

Footnotes -192-

Cover Text

Aboriginal artists continue to express the value of their ancient beliefs and evoke the depth of their relationship with the Australian landscape. The paintings are timeless, yet changing, like the land itself. Aboriginal paintings are a major contribution to Australian contemporary art. In 'Australian Aboriginal Paintings' Jennifer Isaacs has selected a collection of traditional paintings which spans decades and which displays the distinctive styles of two regions of Australia: The western desert and Arnhem Land. Some of the artists are photographed with their paintings, together with the diverse landscapes which inspire them. The paintings are simply presented to be easily appreciated, with brief notes interpreted from the information provided by the artists themselves.