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Johnson, Vivien: Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert. A Biographical Dictionary, Craftsman House, East Roseville 1994, ISBN 9768097817

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Table of Contents

Acknowledgments -6-

Introduction -7-

Domino Effects: The Spread of Western Desert Art -13-

Papunya, Mt Leibig, Kintore, Kiwirrkura -13-

Yuendumu -17-

Mt Allan -21-

Napperby -24-

Alice Springs -25-

Balgo -31-

Lajamanu -36-

Willowra -38-

Ernabella -40-

Amata, Fregon, Indulkana -42-

Utopia -42-

Nyirrpi -46-

Uluru -46-

1994 Postscript -47-

Map of Painting Communities -50-

Notes on the Biographies -51-

Biographies (in alphabetical order) -57-

Appendix A: Guide to Artists by Community -214-

Appendix B: Artists' Dreamings - Yuendumu -220-

Appendix C: Guide to using this Dictionary -237-

Cover Text

This unique and thoroughly researched dictionary contains detailed profiles of over 500 Western Desert artists and will be invaluable to students, gallery administrators and private collectors interested in contemporary Aboriginal art. During the 1970s the Papunya Tula Artists were the best known group of Aboriginal artists but since then work from Yuendumu, Napperby, Mt Allen, Lajamanu, Ernabella, Utopia and Balgo Hills has also gained recognition. This dictionary includes listings not only for individual artists by family name but also annotates the artists as members of specific Aboriginal communities and identifies their Jukurrpa (Dreamings).