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Johnson, Vivien: Dreamings of the Desert. Aboriginal dot paintings of the Western Desert, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide 1996, Ausst. Kat., ISBN 073083073X

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Table of Contents

Vivien Johnson: Biography -4-

Acknowledgements -5-

Ron Radford: Foreword -6-

Jane Hylton: Dreamings of the Desert: Recognition of a movement -10-

Map of current distribution of Central Australian Languages -14-

Vivien Johnson: A History of Western Desert Art 1971-1996 -15-

Origins 1971-1975 -16-

Papunya Tula Artists 1978-1988 -37-

The spread of the Western Desert Art 1985-1989 -63-

Into the Nineties -89-

Conclusion -109-

Notes -112-

Artists' Biographies -119-

Abbreviations -135-

Jane Hylton: Western Desert dot painting: Development of a movement (Timetable) -137-

Bibliography -139-