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Morgan, Sally: The Art of Sally Morgan, Viking, Ringwood 1996, ISBN 067090354X

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Table of Contents

Introduction -1-

The works - Sally Morgan 1986-1995 -11-

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Cover Text

Sally Morgan is one of Australia's most dynamic Aboriginal artits. Her work is bold, vibrant and provocative. 'The Art of Sally Morgan' is the first published collection of this important artist's work, exhibited in Australia and overseas to wide acclaim. It provides an invaluable record of the development of her art from 1986 to 1995, including a number of her black and white prints as well as her major works in acrylics and oils, and a biographical introduction by her sister. Art has always been at the core of Aboriginal culture, embodying its spirituality and telling its story. In this century it has also become a vital medium through which Aboriginal peoples record and reclaim their history, and in so doing define their own identity. Sally Morgan draws on this heritage to express her feelings for the land and its life forms, and her experiences as an Aboriginal woman. Her work is imbued with the spirituality of her culture, its ways of representing the world and its traditional concern with narrative - with telling the story. In the years since 1986, Sally has developed her use of dazzling colour and her personal iconography to achieve a distinctive voice in Australian art.