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Richards, Eirlys, Hudson, Joyce und Lowe, Pat (Hg.): Out of the Desert. Stories from the Walmajarri Exodus, Magabala Books, Broome 2002, ISBN 1876541491

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Table of Contents

Introduction -1-

Desert Dramas

Peter Skipper: Training for life -14-

Mona Chuguna: One hot season -18-

John Charles: Spilt water -22-

Honeychild Budgie Yankarr: Chilled to the bone -26-

Mona Chuguna: Stolen spirits -30-

Mona Chuguna: The empty coolamon -31-

Peter Skipper: The savage dog -32-

Mary-Anne Downs: A near-tragedy -36-

Mona Chuguna: The missing puppies -38-

Mona Chuguna: The man who ate people -40-

Strange People, Strange Animals

Pompey Siddon: The good oil -52-

Pompey Siddon: A pile of bones -56-

Limerick Malyapuka: An adventure with camels -62-

Nora Nguwayir: Tinkle-tinkle -70-

Jimmy Pike: Two camel men -76-


Mona Chuguna: Why we left the desert -89-

Peter Skipper: The talkative child -90-

Peter Skipper: From desert to station -94-

Adeline Wanangarra: No water -106-

Honey Bulagardie: Foreign fruit -114-

Emily Sullivan: Our first clothes -118-

Pompey Siddon: Gored by a bull -120-

Boxer Yankarr: Captured! -124-

On the Station

David Downs: The river -138-

Mary-Anne Downs: The day the sun disappeared -143-

Amy Vanbee: On the run -144-

Olive Knight: The white strangers -152-

Ivy Nixon: Stolen children -156-

Pompey Siddon: Bringing the mail -160-

Pompey Siddon, Jimmy Pike: The kartiya who got lost -162-

Background to the stories -167-

Abount the storytellers -173-

Glossary -180-

Guide to pronunciation of Walmajarri words -182-

List of paintings -184-

Further reading and other resources -185-

Cover Text

'Out of the Desert' reveals the stories behind the historic exodus of the Walmajarri people from the Great Sandy Desert. Within only one generation an entire people moved away from its country to face station life and a world far beyond the sandhills.