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Ryan, Judith (Hg.): Mythscapes. Aboriginal Art of the Desert from the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne 1989, Ausst. Kat.

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Table of Contents

Preface -6-

Acknowledgements -7-

Catalogue Note -8-

Geoffrey Bardon: The Gift that Time Gave. Papunya Early and Late, 1971-72 and 1980 -10-

A Transplanted Landscape Idiom. Albert Namatjira and the Hermannsburg School -18-

The Mythology of Pattern. Papunya Tula Art 1971-89 -24-

The Heroic Past in the Present. Kukatja Art from Blago Hills -56-

A Variegated Landscape. The Yuendumu Alternative -68-

Paint Up Big. The Lajamanu Adventure in Art -82-

Selected Bibliography -102-