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Strocchi, Marina (Hg.): Ikuntji. Paintings from Haasts Bluff 1992-1994, IAD Press, Alice Springs 1995, ISBN 094965986X

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Table of Contents

Foreword -v-

Acknowledgements -viii-

Author's note -viii-

Introduction -ix-

Maps -x-

A recent history of Ikuntji -1-

New art from the Western Desert -6-

The Ikuntji artists -7-

The artists' stories -19-

The plates -37-

Stories of some of the paintings -101-

Bibliography -109-

Cover Text

The Aboriginal community of Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff) in Australia's Nothern Territory has long been associated with painting: firstly, through its ties with Albert Namatjira and the watercolour artists and of Hermannsburg School and, secondly, through the renowned work of the Papunya Tula artists. Now, since the establishment of their own arts centre in 1992, Ikuntji artists have emerged from the shadow of their famous neighbours. In a short time, the artists featured in this book have built a reputation for a distinct and refreshing style.